Artist Statement

Under everything that we can see and feel, there’s an intangible layer is deeper and is where our souls are really residing. In meditation, there’s the idea of nothingness but that nothingness is not emptiness. Rather, it’s where we lose our selves and connect to something deeper, stronger, and more eternal. Being in the moment is being in eternity; it’s being in a realm of timelessness which is where I strive to reside during my process. I rarely achieve that goal; however, when I do, I experience the most beautiful sense of clarity.
I believe that if we could see a soul, it would look like the patterns found in nature as well as the unseen patterns that lie beneath the surface. I incorporate sacred geometric patterns into my work in order to demonstrate this idea as well as grids in order to represent that which makes it difficult to navigate our souls. Through a process of repetition and meditation, at times, I am able to cease to exist. My work is based on a mixed-media collage practice in which the interaction with various materials and techniques acts as an indirect metaphor for interactions with various layers of existence. I see my work as a way of processing these layers.


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